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October 14, 2007



Does this ever happen to you?

Sun Oct 14, 2007, 1:50 PM

Has this ever happened to you? You are like, 100% sure you watched some other deviant, and then you go their page and realise, well, no...
Or is it just me? This happened to me three times in less than a month...

On other news, I am really enjoying "Pushing Daisies",  the new season of "Heroes" and recently discovered "Twin Peaks". I work a lot, and am really stressed.

And I'll be moving 50 miles away from my home town in january, I'm really excited, but it'll be a huge change for me!


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  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: Vast
  • Reading: Jane Eyre, 99 francs, HP7
  • Watching: House MD, pushing daisies
  • Eating: Cheese stuff!
  • Drinking: Milk (this will never change, BTW) And COFFEE
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KmyeChan Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2007  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
En fait je pense que DA a un glitch et supprime des gens des watchlists de temps en temps par erreur. Parce que la même chose m'est arrivée avec des gens dont je suis absolument sûre que je recevais les nouveautés sur ma devwatch, et puis tout d'un coup pfuit, plus rien !
Ellygator Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah, same here, and I'm not sure whether DA loses them, or I really goofed...
MelissaFindley Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2007  Professional General Artist
Happens to me all the time.

I wonder, too, about those people who fav, like, half my gallery, but don't watch me. I think, well, maybe they think they'll never like anything else I do, and it's only those fifteen images... and then I think maybe they just get so caught up faving stuff that they forget to click the watch button.

Wouldn't it make more sense to have the "watch this deviant" button on the image pages too? Not just on the person's main page?
kyla79 Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2007
I agree. Another weird thing is that I have a little over 6000 watchers, and maybe a max of 300-500 out of them actually comment and fave regurlarly I'd say... I sometimes wonder why people actually watch my stuff if they never comment or fave! :XD:
MelissaFindley Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2007  Professional General Artist
True... but then, I'm not much of a commenter. I love to view art, and I watch... oh... hundreds of galleries, but unless something really snags me, I'll either view it, smile, and move on to the next one, or I'll view it, fav it, and move on. I always watch artists whose style or work I really like. I use my fav's to tag things I want to come back to later (either for journal features, or because I want to particularly remember an artist or piece). I'm more likely to comment on journals than anything else, simply because then there's something for me to reply to. If that makes sense.

So I guess I figure if people are watching, they're probably enjoying SOMETHING about my work. They might just not have anything to say about it.
Wildfire47 Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2007  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well, I thought you wouldn't want 6000 people commenting just to say "Great", "Fantastic" or "Another masterpiece", but then maybe I am wrong...

So I just comment when I have something worthwhile to say...
TomatoDragon Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2007
Yeah...I've noticed that also. You think you're watching someone, then you see one of their submissions in another person's fav folder and you think "Hey...why didn't I ever fav this one?" And you go to the artist's page, and you see that you aren't watching them. D'oh!
Noe-Izumi Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
Has happened to me LOTS of times, indeed :O I thought I was the only one :XD:
coda-leia Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
J'ai déjà eu cette impression... et puis y en a certains qui changent de nom alors... on ne s'y retrouve plus XD
Tiens, si tu as l'occasion, jette un coup d'oeil sur la nouvelle série Robin Hood de la BBC. Je pense que le perso Guy of Gisborne te plaira :D
Sarukarin Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2007
a friend told me that sometimes she had to re-watch people three times 'coause they were un-watched all by them selves for no reasons o__o maybe deviantart is having some troubles, I don't know...
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