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April 8, 2006



I've got a blog!

Sat Apr 8, 2006, 3:13 PM
Hey folks, I have my own Blog! Well it's in french, for now, but it will be in both languages soon! but anyway, I finally have a place of my own! :boogie: Here is the address:

Anyway, if there are any other Tori Amos fans out there: you guys haaaave to check out Charlotte Martin... I have never heard someone who's got that same kind of sensibility as Tori Amos, it's almost freaky!

Aaaaand I'm working on some new comic boards! I might be sending a whole new portfolio by the end of next week! :D

clubs: :icongrievous-fans: :iconsnapefanclub: :iconpotterart: :iconswfc: :icongeneralgrievous-club:

Hugs to my friends: :iconphoq: :iconsally-avernier: :iconberenicepotter: :iconzazb: :iconsrsobotka: :icondelete-lover: :iconwelchtect: :icongirl-farting: :iconyannou: :iconblue-nadir: :iconauroreblackcat: :iconnorthangel25: :iconellygator: :iconrenecordova: :iconlaerry:

The love of my life: :iconsargas:
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  • Listening to: Steel -Charlotte Martin-
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Arg, my french is so utterly crappy.
haha! that's ok! as anyway everything I post there is here on deviantart. Though I will use the blog to post tons of sketches (which I don't post here, as I don't consider them as deviations and nobody really visits people's scraps! XD)
freckledmystery Apr 8, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
I love Tori really, truly... (sometimes i feel like she's saving my life with her voice and words...) - I hope I'll be able to find Charlotte, then... wonder what she's like...
you'll see, it's totally amazing... try to check her out through this link, and listens to some songs (especially steel) and please, tell me what you think! I'd love to hear your opinion! I was totally bluffed... [link] There is a section "see-hear" where you can listen to mp3s...
freckledmystery Apr 9, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
OHMAHGAWD. :O That... is... unbelievably... wonderfully... amazing! Her voice is divine and the songs are so lovely... oh my goodness, thanks for the link, I really like her. Wow... beautiful!! *must find her cd*
hey I'm so glad you like her stuff! yay for Tori Amos and Charlotte Martin!
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