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November 1, 2007


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Leaving and Plugins

Thu Nov 1, 2007, 8:44 AM

No, sorry to disappoint you guys, this is not going to be another drama "I'm leaving deviantart" journal!

Just to say I probably won't be around much in November, as I am going to the the mountains at the end of next week, so sorry if I don't reply to comments, faves, notes etc... I was supposed to leave today but, well, no.

Otherwise, here are two artists I recently discovered that you should really have a look at:

:icongureiduson: has some incredible art: He masters colors, general designs, details and textures wonderfully, and he's got  a nice tutorial too! Please have a look!

JF III - Jean de Florence by gureiduson

JF III - Basil Steps by gureiduson

:iconmhannecke: has an awesome, traditional animation style. If you like Claire Wendling or Sean Galloway (cheeks-74 here on deviantart) you might enjoy his works!

robot_one_colors by mhannecke

Lineup_character_2 by mhannecke


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  • Reading: Jane Eyre, HP7
  • Watching: North and South
  • Eating: Cheese stuff!
  • Drinking: Milk (this will never change, BTW) And COFFEE
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Have a good time! :) :wave:

Bring back a mountain goat for us :D
ForeverKnight Nov 2, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
Have a great relaxing time. :wave:
Ellygator Nov 2, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
Have a wonderful time. We look forward to having you back!
Thanks so much for the mention in your journal. XD
no prob, your art is absolutely fantastic. I hope you will post more! :D
WAH! You really did it!!! haha, THANKS A LOT SWEET! Hey, you said a tutorial, but it's only a simple step by step. It's a shame, heh, I would had got more attetion to it and done more usefull and with more informaitons. So, I'll do another step by step more close to a tutorial, and I have a tutorial to do here on DA. I did a voting to peoples here choose a deviation of mine to have a tutorial last year, and didn't it yet (yes, shame). Any way, thanks a lot again!!!!
no problem!
Anyway, even if it's not really a tutorial, it does show how you work and it's quite a helpful insight! Anyway, you really deserve a little more attention! :D
You know, comming from you mean a lot for me! Thanks a LOT again!!! ( and sorry for the delay)
phoq Nov 1, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
Passes un bon temps dans les montagnes! Je te souhaite plein de productivité! :D xxxxx
Hope you have a good time in the mountains :cuddle: :bye:!
I'm so happy and relieved this isn't a definitive good bye...
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