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August 5, 2006


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Pirates! ARRRR

Sat Aug 5, 2006, 4:20 AM
Well, I saw the last PotC and guess what? I loved it. I really think it was very interesting, especially for all the complicated relationships between the characters. I totally fell for Davy Jones (I mean, tragic past and awesome presence, how could you not like this guy? err Squid...) and Norrington. Naturally, Jack Sparrow was perfect! His lines were just hilarious!

I don't have the courage to write a detailed review, but the only thing I didn't really like was the Flying Dutchman crew: it was a little too Roccoco-baroque-slimy-gothic for me. I thought Davy and Bootstrap really worked well, because you could see their human features. the other were too crustacean. It was a little too much. But the ship itself was great! I loved the organ scene! :D And the cannibals scene, even if it was one of the funniest of the movie, I think it could have been cut down a bit. It doesn't bring anything important to the plot...

SPOILER WARNING! Have any of you spotted the locket in Tia Dalma's shack? It's the same as Davy Jones' music box! Could she have been his lover? I heard that Tia was a reincarnation of the goddess Calypso and that Davy had fallen in love with her. That would be awesome!
And I really liked the fact that Sparrow "left a mark" on Cutler-Beckett. I wonder what happened between those two! SPOILERS END HERE

By the way, here is a little forum created only for Davy Jones, if anyone is interested! post your opinions and fanworks there!…



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CostumesbyCourtney Aug 5, 2006  Professional Artisan Crafter
It is possible that Tia was his lover, there was some thing about the way she spoke of her that made you think that it was either her or she really hated Davey's girl. The reason some of Davey Jones' crew were more crustaceany than others is so you can tell how long they have been a member of the crew. It was explained in the film, the longer they stay, the less human they become.
yes, I agree. There is a rumor that says that Tia Dalma is in fact a reincarnation of a sea goddess Davy JOnes was inlove with. That would be great! ANd I'd love to see what Davy looked like before his transformation (even if I know what the actor looks like).
The 2nd time I saw it I saw the locket Tia owned.
yes, same as me. I found out about the locket on internet, then I checked it out to be sure when I saw the movie a second time.
Cuttler-Beckett left a mark on Jack, too. Remember the "P" on his wrist in the first movie? Yeah..Jack originally worked for the East India Trading Company, under CB (Jack's his name was Jack Smith LOL), manning a trading boat called The Wicked Wench. When Jack said he wouldn't transport slaves, CB torched and sank the Wench and branded Jack a pirate. Soon after Jack went to Davy Jones and asked him to bring up his old ship. He renamed it the Black Pearl and went about on his merry pirate ways...

Obviously there's something more to Tia Dalma...she has suspicious lockets and enchanted compasses lying around, she can bring people back to life...and get their bodies in the first place? But I don't think she was Davy Jones' love...mabye a reincarnation or a friend, but not the actual yeah. POTC love!
Whoa! Where did you find all that out about Jack? I'm just curious.
The almighty source of everything...Wikipedia LOL
oh thanks a lot for all the information! I knew about the "P" mark on Sparrow, but Beckett says Jack left a mark on him. I wonder what happened!
And yes, Tia Dalma is much more powerful than meets the eye! In some rumors, I read that she might be a reincarnation of a sea goddess or nymph called Calypso (that would be a nymph then) and that Davy Jones had fallen inlove with that nymph...
Ha! Yes my daughter noticed the locket and exciting whispered in my ear while squeezing my arm- LOL That was her assumption, that Tia was Davey's love :)
hehe that is cute! Well, I saw that on the net, after seeing the movie once, so I looked for it carefully the second time I saw it! You must have a very observative daughter! how old is she?
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